Largest syringe sculpture (supported)
Galderma Taiwan Ltd
2.01m x 0.99m x 0.80m dimension(s)
Chinese Taipei (Taipei)

The largest syringe sculpture (supported) is 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in) tall, 0.99 m (3 ft 2 in) long and 0.8 m (2 ft 7 in) wide, and was achieved by Galderma Taiwan Ltd (Chinese Taipei) in Taipei, Taiwan, on 26 March 2019.

The syringe sculpture weighs approximately 40 kg, with the base adding another 20 kg to the overall weight. 4,896 syringes were used in the final construction, which was 47 days in conception and took 21 days to build. The syringes used were SY02NS, rejected syringes donated by Finetech-Filter Ltd. of Taipei.

Artist and sculptor Ms. Huang Yunqian produced the sculpture on her own at her workshop in Taichung City.