Largest shopping mall aquarium
Dubai Mall
10,000,000 litre(s)
United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

The aquarium tank in the Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contains 10 million litres (2,199,692.48 UK gal, 2,641,720.52 US fluid gal) of water and measures 51 m (167 ft 3.87 in) long, 20 m (65 ft 7.40 in) wide and 11 m (36 ft 1.07 in) high. It houses thousands of aquatic animals of over 140 species, including more than 300 sharks and rays. Apart from watching from the shopping mall aisle, visitors can experience a 48-m (157-ft 5.76-in) walk-through tunnel, ride on a glass-bottom boat ride, or even go cage snorkelling. It opened in 2008.