Oldest male relay team to swim the English Channel
Bob Roberts, Chris Stockdale, Andy Nation, Kevin Murphy, Robert Lloyd-Evans, Don Riddington
77:105 year(s):day(s)
France (Sangatte)

The oldest male relay team to swim the English Channel is "One Foot in the Wave 3", a group of six swimmers – Bob Roberts (b. 8 November 1947), Chris Stockdale (b. 1 December 1943), Andy Nation (b. 30 October 1949), Kevin Murphy (b. 23 January 1949), Robert Lloyd-Evans (b. 15 October 1942) (all UK) and Australia's Don Riddington (b. 7 June 1945), whose average age was 77 years 105 days when they swam from Dover, Kent, UK, to Sangatte, France, in 17 hours 5 minutes on 8 October 2023. The record was set under the auspices of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.

Team "One Foot in the Wave 3" were piloted by Simon Ellis, on board High Hopes. They departed Shakespeare Beach in Dover at 2.42 a.m. and arrived at Sangatte, France, at 7.47 p.m..

This bettered the previous record average age of 73 years 318 days set by "The Septuagenarians", a team of British swimmers, on 7 September 2015. Among their swimmers was a member of the new record-setting team, Robert Lloyd-Evans, along with Michael Read, David Cumming, Graham Ling, Tony Cherrington and Tony Espin.

The oldest solo male to swim across the English Channel is Otto Thaning (South Africa, b. 13 March 1941), who made the swim aged 73 years 177 days on 6 September 2014. The female solo record currently goes to Linda Ashmore (UK, b. 21 October 1946), who swam across the channel aged 71 years 305 days on 21 August 2018.