Fastest forklift truck wheel change
Berkün Cin, Nicola Dill, Phillip Sell, Marvin Maidhof, Christian Wirzberger, Alex Hartmann, Tobias Trabolt, Bastian Bott
1:09 minute(s):second(s)
Germany (Aschaffenburg)

The fastest forklift truck wheel change is 1 min 9 sec, achieved by Nicola Dill, Bastian Bott, Berkün Cin, Tobias Trabolt, Alex Hartmann, Christian Wirzberger, Marvin Maidhof and Phillip Sell (all Germany) in Aschaffenburg, Germany, on 22 September 2018.

The attempt was organised by Linde Material Handling GmbH and was set on the final day of the StaplerCup, which is three day championship for forklift truck drivers at Schlossplatz in Aschaffenburg.