Heaviest jack o'lantern
Stefano Cutrupi, Udo Karkos
1217.5 kilogram(s)
Germany (Ludwigsburg)

The heaviest jack o'lantern was carved from a pumpkin that weighed 1,217.5 kg (2,684 lb 2 oz), which was grown by Stefano Cutrupi (Italy) in Tuscany, Italy. It was given a face and etched with other decorations including stars and heraldic scenes, by German pumpkin carver Udo Karkos. It was displayed at the Blühendes Barock during the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, on 6 November 2021.

This is the heaviest pumpkin on record as recognized by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. When originally weighed on 26 September 2021 at the 10th Campionato della Zuccone pumpkin festival in Peccioli, Italy, it was 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz). The specimen also took first place at the European Giant Pumpkin Championship held in Ludwigsburg on 10 October 2021. Because pumpkins lose mass over time after they are picked, by then its weight had reduced to 1,217.5 kg (2,684 lb 2 oz), which nevertheless still put it ahead of the previous world record.

Grown from an 1885.5 Werner seed (a type of Atlantic Giant), the pumpkin germinated on 23 March 2021.