Most rotating puzzle tetrahedrons solved underwater
Daryl Tan Hong An
15 total number
Singapore (Singapore)

The most rotating puzzle tetrahedrons solved underwater is 15 and was achieved by Daryl Tan Hong An (Singapore) in Singapore, Singapore, on 18 April 2021.

Daryl has been cubing for over 6 years and is confident in his skills. After being inspired by the world class speedcuber 'Kevin Hays', Daryl put 2 months into extensively researching breath training and more specifically using the 'breathe up technique' used by many freedivers in order to attempt this record. He is currently attempting to break numerous rotating puzzle cube records to advocate cubing to the locals in Singapore to hopefully inspire children to put down their phone and gaming gadgets and instead, pick up a rotating puzzle cube to challenge their minds. Daryl is also keen to break these records for his own personal achievement.

"Breaking world records and breaking boundaries is my forte".