Largest cup of bubble tea
Mihara Keigo
680 litre(s)
Taiwan, China (Taipei)

The largest cup of bubble tea is 680 litres (149.58 UK gallons; 179.64 US gallons) and was achieved by Mihara Keigo (Japan) in Taipei, Taiwan, China, on 3 November 2018.

The giant cup of tea was prepared concurrently with a free concert given by the record holder, Mihara Keigo, known as Sanyuan in Taiwan. About 2,000 people attended the concert and the giant cup of tea was distributed to these concert goers at the end of the concert.

By volume, the giant cup contained 170 litres of tapioca balls. It contained 30.6 litres of liquid sugar and 40.8 litres of milk powder.

The cup had a diameter of 88.4 cm and a height of 125.5 cm

It took a group of six people, not including staff who transported the cooked tea, four hours and eight minutes to finish making and pouring the tea.

Sanyuan is a famous Youtuber who enjoys great popularity in Taiwan for promoting Taiwanese culture in his native Japan.

Bubble tea is very much a concept that originated in Taiwan with the popular Pearl Milk Tea, a brew of black tea, milk and tapioca balls and typically served cold, as is most tea sold in the plethora of tea shops in Taiwan. The recipe for Pearl Milk Tea first originated in the city of Kaohsiung.

Ingredients used to make this giant cup of tea were black tea bags, milk powder, liquid sugar, tapioca balls and ice cubes. The tea bags were brewed in water to a temperature of 85 degrees centigrade.

It took approximately four hours to prepare the entire amount of tea.