Oldest person to complete a skyscraper race (male)
Orival Martins
76:12 year(s):day(s)
Korea (Republic of) (Seoul)

The oldest person to complete a skyscraper race (male) is Orival Martins (Brazil, b. 1 May 1942), aged 76 years and 12 days, when he completed the Lotte World Tower International Sky Run, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 13 May 2018.

Orival's official finish time was 48 min 46.73 seconds. The race was part of the 2018 Vertical World Circuit.

He started training on the stairs of the building he lives when he was 57. Nowadays he trains everyday climbing about 1,434 steps per training.

In addition to Seoul's skyscraper race, Orival has also participated of the Tour First (Paris) and One World Trade Center (New York City) races.