Most travelled toy ship

Most travelled toy ship
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Ollie Ferguson, Harry Ferguson, The Lewis Family
15,439 kilometre(s)
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19 November 2021
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Launched in September 2020 by Jax, Kai and Fynn Lewis (Trinidad and Tobago), in collaboration with Ollie and Harry Ferguson (UK), the most travelled toy ship (named Adventure 2) covered 15,439 km (9,593.34 mi) up to 19 November 2021. The vessel was released off Guyana, sailed through the Caribbean Sea, into the Gulf of Mexico, up the east coast of the USA, then out into the Atlantic Ocean before its signal was lost.

The Lewis Family built the modified Playmobil pirate boat, fitted with a GPS tracker, after reaching out for advice from Ollie and Harry, who had set the previous record (6,072 km, with Adventure) in 2018.