Youngest person to visit every country in Europe
Gevish Kumar Kheddo
19:56 year(s):day(s)
Iceland (Reykjavik)

The youngest person to visit every country in Europe was 19 years and 56 days old and was achieved by Gevish Kumar Kheddo (Mauritius, b. 30 November 2000) in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 25 January 2020.

Gevish's decision to attempt this record stemmed from a true passion for travelling. He realised, when he would visit a country, he always seemed to be the youngest person whenever he bumped into anyone else who was travelling. This inspired him to check out the Guinness World Records website and discover this particular record title.

It took Gevish almost two years to visit all the countries in Europe. He studies at university in Canterbury, UK and from here, he set off to Latvia as his first destination at the beginning of 2018. Gevish actually made this feat whilst he was studying full time! He says his best tip for anyone wanting to travel while being in full time education would be to focus and follow a well organised, strict timetable. Gevish said he would study while waiting on the plane, train or bus. He said it's definitely not easy though, and to avoid exam time at all costs!

Being so young, Gevish did face numerous challenges. One challenge was that a few hotels and overnight establishment wouldn't allow him to stay as he was too young, and not accompanied by an adult.

We asked Gevish if he had a favourite country that he visited. He said this was a hard question, because every country is beautiful in it's own way. However he did say: "I suppose my favourite country was Kazakhstan. I just really enjoyed the diversity and beautiful kinda extreme winter. I just love snow and seeing the perfect untouched white land in the out skirts of Nur-Sultan". Kazakhstan was not included in the record as it is not in Europe, but he did visit here during his travels. He said he would also return to Russia in the future!

Gevish's travels did receive some criticism from those around him initially. He says that his family and friends were a little sceptical at first, but eventually came round to the idea. He also said that the people he met on his travels were very kind to him: "If there is one thing I learned there are more people out there willing to do good to you rather than bad."

We asked Gevish what being a Guinness World Records title holder would mean to him: "[It] would mean so much. It has always be childhood dream for me to be able to be a Guinness World Records title holder." He also stated: "my goal has always been to encourage more young people to travel. I feel like the African and South Asian community doesn't really encourage it. I want to make sure that this changes because traveling is for everyone doesn't matter of your ethnicity or background."