First row across the Greenland Sea
Fiann Paul, Alex Gregory, Danny Longman, Sam Vye, Carlo Facchino, Tyler Carnevale
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Norway ()

The first recorded row across the Greenland Sea in the Arctic Ocean Open Waters is by Fiann Paul (Iceland), Alex Gregory, Danny Longman, Sam Vye (all UK), Carlo Facchino and Tyler Carnevale (both USA), who rowed 835 miles (1,344 km; 726 nautical miles) north to south from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, to Jan Mayen Island, Norway, in 13 days 17 hr 30 min between 8 and 21 August 2017 on board Polar Row.

The definition of "Rows on the Arctic Ocean Open Waters" applies only to pure rowing expeditions across major water basins above the Polar Circle from land to land, excluding any use of sail, paddling on kayaks or canoes, as well as rows around islands, within archipelagos and coastal rows, i.e., within the vicinity of land and with the possibility to get ashore.