Most hand release push ups in one minute (male)
Sebastian M Nadar
70 total number
India (Navi Mumbai)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The most hand release push ups in one minute (male) is 70 and was achieved by Sebastian M Nadar (India) in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 23 April 2022.

Sebastian always wanted to achieve something unique in life for which he would be remembered not only by his family but also by the people in his country and around the world. "Everyone has a purpose in life and I felt this would be my purpose and inspire everyone to stay fit and healthy."

Sebastian has surpassed his own record of 68 repetitions, by achieving 70. He believes the first record has prepared him for the next one. However, he doubled the efforts of training. He focused more on my diet and training schedule.

When he found out about hand release push ups, Sebastian immediately wanted to give it a try. "This kind of push ups may look easy but it isn’t at all. This needed a lot of effort while practising. I even realized that it needs you to play against gravity when you try to push yourself against the ground and try to rise up. The intensity of this push-up plays an important role in challenging me to outperform and prove the best of my ability and strength."

To Sebastian, all good things take time, as well as achieving a GWR title. "Achieving a GWR title is not something which is said and done. It takes countless training hours and one has to master a particular skill and prove to be unique amongst the rest of the

Sebastian considers that achieving a GWR title means a lot to him and most people. This would not only give him a push to attempt other such records but also inspire people!