Largest inflatable aqua park
Aqua Fun Kids Rides and Games LLC
42,400 square metre(s)
United Arab Emirates (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

The largest inflatable aqua park measures 42,400 square meters and was achieved by Aqua Fun (UAE), in association with Ahmed Ben Chaibah and EXPO 2020 Dubai (both UAE), in Dubai, UAE, on 25 January 2022.

The record holder is Aqua Fun, a company based in JBR, Dubai and ran by its founder: Ahmed Ben Chaibah.

Ahmed is a successful Emirati entrepreneur who won various awards including local business of the year and business entrepreneur of the year. He wanted to break the record to show the world how great Dubai is. The Aquapark spelled ''I (heart) Expo 2020" to emphasis on the fact that Dubai is currently hosting the Expo 2020 and to encourage more tourists to visit the UAE. Aqua Fun plans to break more records this year by going bigger and by spelling different sentences with the inflatables.