Most consecutive ultimate flying disc (frisbee) passes by a pair
Matthew Bzdok, Bernard Bzdok
2,944 total number
United States (Saint Cloud)

The most consecutive ultimate flying disc (frisbee) passes by a pair is 2,944 and was achieved by Matthew Bzdok and Bernard Bzdok (both USA) in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA, on 30 October 2020.

When Bernard and his brother Andy were in college on the Saint Cloud State University Ultimate Frisbee team they wondered how many consecutive catches would be considered a high amount. They accomplished the feat of 1,000 in a row and later looked it up on the Guinness World Records website.

"We knew we had the skill to achieve the record after my brothers Andy, Rick, Matt, and I were able to hit 1,000 in a row a few times at family get togethers through the past 5 years. We have a total of 10 kids in our family so finding a frisbee throwing partner was never an issue."

The brothers chose to go for this record during the Covid-19 pandemic to highlight teamwork, exercise, and awareness of the Saint Cloud State University Ultimate Frisbee team. They wanted to achieve something that took cooperation and could be an inspiration during such dismal times. Bernard said "I was on the SCSU Ultimate Frisbee team at the same time with my brother Andy, when we were in college, and our brother Matt recently joined the team. All these reasons came together to support the drive to beat the record."

The brothers love of ultimate frisbee made the training enjoyable. "Accomplishing thousands in a row on a specific day was a concern. We trained in the same racquetball court, at a similar time we wanted to start the record, and talked through how we could overcome potential issues we might encounter. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best."

"The oddest challenge of the attempt was after a few hours. I started to have a hard time not overthinking the release from my throw and it became mechanical. The frisbee was wobbling because the rotation speed was too slow. I eventually put it out of my mind and thought of something other than frisbee to settle back down again. It was a strange balance of not overthinking every movement but not becoming too casual and allowing a mistake."

"Holding a Guinness World Records title would be a dream come true! I have always been impressed by people who push themselves to accomplish more than what they think is possible. My current role model for that is David Goggins. He held a pullup Guinness World Records title until someone recently beat that feat as well. Guinness World Records are the gold standard for certifiable personal bests and nothing is better than GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS!