Most blueberries eaten in one minute

Most blueberries eaten in one minute
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Adam Newman
132 total number
United Kingdom (Rhondda)
16 December 2021

The most blueberries eaten in one minute is 132, achieved by Adam Newman (UK) in Rhondda, Mid Glamorgan, UK, on 16 December 2021.

Adam has been fascinated by Guinness World Records since he was a child and wanted to one day be able to say he holds a Guinness World Records title. During the Covid-19 lockdown he found himself more focused on making his childhood dream into reality and after thinking long and hard settled upon this title. He knew the previous record of 126 would be hard to beat, but he practiced twice a week and submitted an application as soon as he felt he was getting close to beating it.

He says "this was a personal goal of mine, to make the child version of me proud that I achieved something that he thought wasn’t possible, which could go on to prove that anything you may have thought was amazing and never possible as a child, is possible. Who better to make proud of you than your younger self."