Largest PAC-Man arcade machine
World's Largest PAC-Man
4.5657 square metre(s)
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Launched by Bandai Namco and Raw Thrills in 2016, World's Largest PAC-Man lives up to its name with a giant video billboard screen that stands at a dwarfing 2.67 metres tall and 1.71 metres in width, making for a total surface area of 4.5657 square metres. The screen also has a depth of 0.91 metres. Completing the arcade game is a large console unit of 1.5 metres tall, which sits 1.61 metres away from the billboard. The overall depth for the unit is 2.8 metres. Gamers can play the original 1980 PAC-Man arcade game. Retro shooter Galaga was also added by way of an update in early 2017.