First circumnavigation by helicopter

First circumnavigation by helicopter
Jay W Coburn, H Ross Perot
United States (Dallas)
30 September 1982

The first circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter took place between 1 and 30 September 1982, when H. Ross Perot, Jr and Jay W. Coburn (both USA) flew the Spirit of Texas single-engine Bell 206L-1 Lone Ranger II on a 26,000-mile (41,843-km) trip starting and finishing in Dallas, Texas (USA). The pair logged 246.5 flight hours over 29 days 3 hours 8 minutes.

An FAI record was approved for helicopter speed around the world, eastbound, at an average of 56.97 km/h (35.399 mph), and a point-to-point speed record was set en route, with an average of 179.39 km/h (111.47 mph) on 7 September 1982 between London and Marseilles.