Fastest time to drink a cup of coffee
Luke Ibbetson
3.66 second(s)
United Kingdom (London)

The fastest time to drink a cup of coffee is 3.66 seconds, and was achieved by Luke Ibbetson (UK), in London, UK, on 5 December 2020.

Luke has been drinking coffee since the age of six or seven and recalls drinking his parents’ coffee when they had their backs turned because he loved it so much. As he grew older he drank coffee more regularly and would often gulp a hot coffee without even thinking. It was only when somebody else pointed out how quickly he would finish a hot beverage that he realised he might be able to achieve a record.

As far as he knows, nobody else in his family can drink hot drinks so quickly, though Luke and his brothers are all very fast eaters. Spicy food is also not much of an issue for Luke and at times he does not realise how spicy something is until he sees somebody else doused in sweat after eating the same meal. He says it took about ten minutes for his mouth to return to normal after the successful record attempt.

Luke uses the time he saves waiting for tea or coffee to cool each morning on exercise, writing, reading, playing guitar and of course to start brewing another pot of coffee. His go-to coffee order in a café is a black americano, though recently he has started drinking more oat milk or coconut milk lattes.

When asked what becoming a Guinness World Records title holder means to him, his response was: I have been buying and reading the Guinness World Records books since I was a kid and was always in awe of the record-holders. To see what humans are able to achieve when they put their mind to it is nothing short of inspiring - so to be a part of that would be something special. To be shoulder to shoulder with some of the amazing talents in the record books would be a dream of mine.