Heaviest man-made object moved
Gullfaks C
1,500,000 tonne(s)/metric ton(s)
Norway ()

The heaviest man-made object ever moved is the Gullfaks C installation, whose displacement during its tow to the Gullfaks field, in the northern part of the Norwegian North Sea, was between 1.4 and 1.5 million tonnes (3.08 to 3.3 billion lb) at 210 m (688 ft 11.7 in) tow draft. With a crude oil storage capacity of 2 million barrels (325,000 cu m), Gullfaks C began production for Statoil (Norway) on 4 November 1989.

Erected in 216-m waters, Gullfaks C has a total height of 380 m (1,246 ft 8.6 in), with the concrete gravity base structure (GBS) alone measuring 262 m (859 ft 6.94 in) tall and having a current on-bottom weight of 500,000 tonnes (1.1 billion lb).