Largest solar panel image
SPIC Nei Mongol Energy Co., Ltd.
196,320 total number
China (Ordos)

The largest solar panel image consists of 196,320 solar panels and was created by SPIC Nei Mongol Energy Co., Ltd. (China) in the Kubuqi Energy Ring Desert Paradise Scenic Spot, in Dalate Banner, Erdos, Inner Mongolia, China, on 9 July 2019.

The solar panels are arranged to create the image of a horse, which has very strong cultural links to the area. The image occupies an area of 1,398,421 m² (15,052,478.37 ft²).

These solar panels have an average daily generating capacity of 500,000 KWH. Through their “industrial desert control” mode, which combines solar energy and ecological agriculture and forestry, it improves the desert environment while developing renewable sources of energy.