Oldest chimpanzee in captivity ever
Little Mama
77 year(s)
United States (Loxahatchee)

The oldest chimpanzee Pan troglodytes currently known to be in captivity is Little Mama, an adult female who has lived at Lion Country Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida, USA, since 1967, when the park first opened. She was already fully grown, and had previously been part of the Ice Capades, a travelling variety show that entertained audiences all over the USA, before being sold to the pet dealer who subsequently sold her to Lion County Safari. In an attempt to determine her likely age, Little Mama was examined by world-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall when she visited the park in 1972, and Dr Goodall determined that she was 30–35 years old. Since then, splitting the difference, the park has taken Little Mama's age in 1972 to be 32, and chose 14 February as her official birthday. Consequently, as of 10 March 2017, Little Mama was 77 years old.

According to the Center for Great Apes at Wauchula in Florida, USA, the lifespan of chimpanzees in the wild is 40–50 years, and is 50–60 years for chimps in captivity, which means that Little Mama has far exceeded that range. Moreover, she continues to be in excellent health, and takes part each Christmas in the park's highly popular "Christmas With the Chimps" annual celebration in which the chimps are given suitable presents by Santa Claus while a delighted audience watches. Hence, Little Mama may set the bar of chimpanzee longevity even higher as time goes by.