Most headers of a beach ball in 30 seconds (team of two)
Zsombor Fehér-Kaplár, András Golda
67 total number
Hungary (Biatorbágy)

The most headers of a beach ball in 30 seconds (team of two) is 67 and was achieved by Zsombor Fehér-Kaplár and András Golda (both Hungary) in Biatorbágy, Pest megye, Hungary on 28 November 2020.

Both Zsombor and András have been playing football for more then a decade which gave them the skill that enabled them to break the record.

Zsombor and András are classmates, friends and were even teammates for a short period of time so they already had the correct relationship and chemistry with each other before their application for the record.

On the day of the attempt the biggest challenge for the pair was the weather. With the temperature being below 0 degrees the participants were 'freezing' while they were doing the activity.'

'Being a Guinness World Records title holder would mean very much to both of us. We would finally be sure that all the time and money that we put into it was worth it and we would be so proud of ourselves that we would put this out on all social media platforms as well.'