Longest time spent trying to beat a Mario Maker game
Braden Moor
2979 hour(s)
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In order to share a stage in Super Mario Maker, the creator has to prove that it can actually be beaten, otherwise the game will become chock-full of frustrating attempts that would leave others tearing out their hair. Gamer Braden Moor (Canada) began making his stage, "Trials of Death", in January 2016 and – as of 2 March 2020 – was still trying to beat it. The problem is that it requires pixel-perfect precision to get to the end while forcing the player to use various objects in weird and wonderful ways. Moor has been showing his progress to others on Twitch under the name "ChainChompBraden". On 2 March 2020, he had been trying for more than 2,979 hours.