Highest altitude round of disc golf

Highest altitude round of disc golf
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Chip Morgan, Jason Hornosty, Jaryd Leibbrandt, Frederique Boisvert
5,180 metre(s)
Nepal (Gorek Shep)
19 October 2016
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The highest-altitude game of disc golf was played by Chip Morgan (USA), Jaryd Leibbrandt (Australia), Jason Hornosty and Frederique Boisvert (both Canada) at an elevation of 5,180 m (16,995 ft) above sea level in the village of Gorak Shep, Nepal, on 19 October 2016. The record was verified by the World Flying Disc Federation.

Morgan took a portable modified Innova Disc Golf Sportcatcher basket and Professional Disc Golf Association approved disc golf discs. The basket was set up in six different locations with three teeing off points for each position to give a full round of 18 "holes".

The original plan had been to play the game at Everest Base Camp, but owing to dangerous terrain the intrepid disc golfers decided to relocate to the the slightly lower, but safer village nearby the world's highest mountain.