Largest LEGO® brick tractor
Musée Le Compa, ERC Briques, CLAAS Tractor
4,646 x 2,626 x 2,909 metre(s)
France (Chartres)

The largest LEGO® brick tractor is 4.646 x 2.626 x 2.909 metres (15.24 x 8.61 x 9.54 ft), achieved by Musée Le Compa, ERC Briques and CLAAS Tractor (all France), in Chartres, France, on 18 April 2016.

The name of this LEGO® tractor is "Tractobrick" and it even has its own twitter account.

This tractor weighs 3.5 metric tones and 795,850 bricks. This is a scaled up replica of a CLAAS Arion 460 tractor and it took 3500 hours to build.