Longest time trapped by a dog
49 day(s)
United States (Bow)

There are countless cases of dogs going missing then being found stuck in gullies or wells after days or even weeks later. Although it is impossible to ascertain whether or not the dog had spent its entire time trapped, the longest time reported for a dog trapped in a well is 49 days, by Lillie, a black labrador retriever who went missing from Bow in New Hampshire, USA, on 13 September 2007 and was returned to his owner Eileen Ketchum on 1 November. Lillie was found in a 5-ft-deep (1.5-m) well by hunter Adam Cheney, who was drawn by the sound of barking. Although Ketchum attributed Lillie's survival to divine intervention, it's likely that the lab lived by lapping up rainwater and licking the sides of the well.

Ketchum lost two dogs on 13 September, both of whom escaped from her home. One, Sonny, was sadly killed on the nearby highway. Lillie was found shivering and emaciated in 18 in (45 cm) of water by Cheney, who was visiting his parent's home for the start of the hunting season. Lillie weighed just 45 lb (20.4 kg), but quickly returned to her normal weight of 70 lb (31.7 kg).

The well was positioned near the highway, which would have made it difficult for anyone to hear barking.