Strongest magnetic field trapped in a superconductor
John Durrell, Tony Dennis, Jan Jaroszynski, Mark Ainslie, Kysen Palmer, Yunhua Shi, Archie Campbell, John Hull, Michael Strasik, Eric Hellstrom, David Cardwell
17.6 tesla
United States (Tallahassee)

The strongest magnetic field trapped in a superconductor is 17.6 tesla, achieved by researchers from the University of Cambridge (UK), the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Boeing Company (both USA), as published in Superconductor Science and Technology, on 25 June 2014.

The team used gadolinium barium copper oxide (GdBCO) which is typically very brittle, then doped the structure with silver, and 'shrink wrapped' steel around the thumb-sized object to increase its strength. Superconductors which trap strong magnetic fields have a wide variety of applications, from Maglev trains to electricity storage.