Heaviest 3D-printed videogame prop
Zac Shing, Kirby Downey, BFG from DOOM
15 kilogram(s)
United Kingdom ()

Created by Kirby Downey and Zac Shing (both UK) and printed by the 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory on 23 April 2016, a 3D-printed model of DOOM's (Bethesda) iconic BFG gun weighs approximately 15 kg. The prop is constructed from 75 individually 3D-printed components and measures 1.5 m x 0.542 m x 0.587 m. It is so large that it typically requires three people to hold it. If the model was solid, it would weigh approximately 63 kg.

The gun also has a volume of approximately 87,717.24 cm³, making it the largest 3D-printed cosplay prop. It was built for Bethesda for the launch of the 2016 reboot of DOOM. The model's official files are available for download on MyMiniFactory.