Most streamed act on Spotify (female)
Taylor Swift
73,076,127,138 total number
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The most streamed female artist on Spotify is Taylor Swift (USA), according to By 24 February 2024, she had amassed 72,414,032,090 lead-artist streams and 662,095,048 as a featured artist, for a grand total of 73,076,127,138.

Ariana Grande, the only other female in the Top 10, is a distant second on 44.23 billion streams (41.15 billion as the lead artist and 3.07 billion as a featured artist).

Drake (94.50 billion) and Bad Bunny (77.03 billion) are the two most streamed male artists on Spotify, with Swift completing the podium places.

Swift’s most popular tracks on Spotify include “Cruel Summer” (1.77 billion), “Blank Space” (1.72 billion) and “Anti-Hero” (1.41 billion).

According to as of 24 February 2024, Swift had 105.18 million monthly listeners and 102.11 million followers on Spotify. Her top five cities for monthly listeners were: Jakarta, Indonesia (2.45 million), London, UK (1.65 million), Sydney, Australia (1.49 million), Quezon City, Philippines (1.41 million) and Melbourne, Australia (1.33 million).

Swift was the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2023 (26.1 billion).