Largest social/global development project competition
TalenPro Panamá
612 people
Panama (Panama)

The largest social/global development project competition consists of 612 completed submissions and was achieved by TalenPro Panamá in Panama City, Panama, on 20 October 2019.

TalenPro is a Panamanian organization that promotes intercollegiate contests of musical talents. In 2019's edition of the event, they decided to also require that these young artists were involved and committed with their teachers and classmates in social service.

The social mobilization involved 612 people, mostly students and teachers divided into 12 teams to remodel educational centres in poor communities.

"Panama is a country of contrasts, with marked economic and social inequalities. This reality highlights the need for a joint effort between government and society to promote and implement effective policies and strategies for social inclusion".