Highest combined age, 13 living siblings
John Joseph Donnelly, Mary Susan McCaul, Peter Donnelly, Ellen Theresa Cullen, Margaret Veronica McEnerney, Kathleen Mary Frances Kelly, Rose Josephine Donnelly, William Anthony Donnelly, Hugh Columba Donnelly, Gerald Donnelly, James Patrick Donnelly, Brian Kevin Donnelly, Terence Donnelly
1075:79 year(s):day(s)
United Kingdom (Armagh)

The highest combined age achieved by thirteen living siblings is 1075 years 68 days by the Donnelly siblings: John (b. 21 March 1924), Mary (b. 13 May 1925), Eileen (b. 10 February 1927), Peter (b. 30 September 1929), Margaret (b. 10 December 1930), Rose (b. 12 April 1932), William (b. 9 February 1934), Terence (b. 6 July 1935), James (b. 28 March 1937), Brian (b. 8 September 1940), Kathleen (b. 2 December 1941), Hugh (b. 24 December 1943) and Gerald (b. 21 July 1945) (all Ireland), who were all born to Peter and Ellen Donnelly in Ireland.

The achievement was verified on 21 March 2017.

The Donnelly family appeared on "World's Oldest Family" (BBC NI). They originally aimed to achieve the record for Highest combined age, 14 living siblings but their brother, Austin, sadly passed away. They then applied for Highest combined age, 13 living siblings but were six years short of achieving the minimum requirement.

Fortunately time from the time of filming till 21 March 2017 enough cumulative time passed to ensure they made up their six year shortfall of before.