Largest Greek carioca/karioka cake
Traditional Confectionery Byzantine , Kati Allo Patisserie , Papaparaskeva Patisserie , Roidos Patisserie , Malliaroudaki Marianthi , Amperiades Oven , Nikos Patisserie , To Siropi Patisserie , Fresh Co Patisserie , Patisserie Glykopoleio , Sefam Patisserie
383 kilogram(s)
Greece (Xanthi)

The largest Greek karioka cake is 383 kg (844 lb 5.92 oz) and was achieved by Xanthi Chamber of Commerce and a team of local confectioners and patisseries (all Greece), in Xanthi, Greece, on 30 March 2016.

Twenty-four people from the following Xanthi businesses worked together to make the colossal karioka: Traditional Confectionery Byzantine, Kati Allo Patisserie, Papaparaskeva Patisserie, Roidos Patisserie, Malliaroudaki Marianthi, Amperiades Oven, Nikos Patisserie, To Siropi Patisserie, Fresh Co Patisserie, Patisserie Glykopoleio and Sefam Patisserie (all Greece).