First machinima music video to air on MTV
In the Waiting Line
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The first machinima music video to air on MTV was "In the Waiting Line" (Tommy Pallotta, 2003). The machinima was built using the id Tech 3 engine from Quake 3 (id Software, 1999). "In the Waiting Line" was originally released by Zero 7 in 2001.

Machinima is the art of using real-time computer graphics to make something cinematic. This process differs from traditional film-making as the graphics are often sourced from videogames.

Some of the earliest machinimas were created by editing the gameplay demos in the 1996 first-person shooter videogame Quake, but in recent years, new tools such as Source Filmmaker, Halo Forge and Rockstar Editor have made machinima production more accessible.