Most searched-for musician on the internet (male, current)
R Kelly
- ranked #1
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According to Google's annual report of the year's biggest online trends, R Kelly (USA) was the most searched-for male musician on Google in 2019, and eighth in the list of top 10 most searched-for people across the year. The lauded R&B artist was mired in abuse allegations (with legal proceedings still underway as of February 2020). Public interest in Kelly peaked in January 2019 with the airing of the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly on Netflix.

The top 10 most Googled people in 2019 were:

1. Antonio Brown (USA)

2. Neymar (BRA)

3. James Charles (USA)

4. Jussie Smollett (USA)

5. Kevin Hart (USA)

6. Billie Eilish (USA)

7. Greta Thunberg (SWE)

8. R Kelly (USA)

9. Joaquin Phoenix (USA)

10. Jordyn Woods (USA)