Fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish
The Vayu Project
26.79 second(s)
China (Shenzhen)

The fastest 50 m swim by a robotic fish is 26.79 sec and was achieved by The Vayu Project in Shenzhen, China, on 23 January 2020.

The team worked on this project for a total of four years. They worked as part of the Bionics and Control lab at the University of Hong Kong who are looking into biomimicry as a means to answer some of the more difficult questions in modern engineering.
Choosing to copy the natural movements of a fish is something robots have tried to avoid in the past, but the team felt it was a pathway worth exploring and were inspired by how graceful a movement it can be.

However, this was no easy task with many failed attempts; all with different fishy prototypes including Yellow Tail which completed the distance in 33 seconds. There was also Fat Tuna Fish, traversing the 50 m in 50 seconds.

With this record, The Vayu Project hope to raise interest in ocean exploration since, ultimately, very little is known about our waters. They also aim to make these types of robotics projects an annual challenge among their team.