Farthest blindfolded American football field goal
Daniel Schuhmacher
50 yard(s)
Germany (Cologne)

The farthest blindfolded American football field goal is 50 yards and was achieved by Daniel Schuhmacher (Germany) in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, on 25 March 2021.

Kicking footballs is Daniel's passion. "I love it to help my team with points or a good field position in a game and season. In 2020 I was supposed to play for the best American Football team in Europe (New Yorker Lions Braunschweig) and then Corona hit me totally. I went crazy during the lockdown(s). All fields were closed, the season was cancelled and I was not allowed and able to do what I love so much. During this time I read everything about kicking and punting, watched all of the football movies and spent weeks on YouTube. And then it happened: I have seen Pat McAfee kicking a football blindfolded from 40 yards for the Guinness World Records title and I said to myself: I can do that. I will beat him. Without even knowing If I am really able to do it. But I am really ambitious and wanted it so badly. This World Record attempt was my light at the end of the (Corona) tunnel. Finally I had a goal to fight for. I was totally hyped. But I didnt expect to get a chance to attempt a World record because I am Just a kicker from a small City in Germany, a "normal" person and I am too far away to be allowed to compete against a former NFL punter."

Daniel is currently kicker in Germany based on the latest vote from the league, player for the German National team and also a NFL/CFL Global Prospect. "I love to kick Footballs and I can kick Footballs - with Open eyes - pretty good. At first it was just my big mouth who thought I have the skills to do it. My First try was after receiving the permission to attempt the Guinness World Records title. It was a smaller distance, but then I knew I can do it further with practice I am really Ambitious and I always wanted to be the best in a single thing. With kicking footballs I have finally found my passion and my talent. I am pretty succesful in Germany and Europe and I am still reaching for the next goal to achieve. A German saying is "Where there is a will, there is a way". That is like my guiding Principle in anything. When you are successful, you want to stay successful. And This WORLD record means the world for me. It is a great achievement and I cannot be more proud if I get it. I would achieve more then expected.

Daniel is an American Football Player, American Football fan, American Football enthusiastic and a self confessed American Football freak. "There is no one day without thinking about American Football. No days Off."

Daniel is the Kicker and Punter for Düsseldorf Rhein Fire, a Team from the European League of Football.

"Before I have started to practice for the Guinness World Records attempt, I was already in my preparations for the upcoming American Football season in the European League of Football. And the GWR attempt stopped it immediately and changed everything. I focused my training to kick blindfolded. I reduced my Gym sessions, stopped punting and I had even to move away from my kicking step-routines. I just focused on this one goal - the Guinness World Records title."

On the day of the attempt more spectators than initially expected turned up to see Daniel's attempt. "My Warm-up took longer then usually. The current World Record was 45 yards and I knew that I can kick 48 yards blindfolded for sure when I kick the sweet spot perfectly, but I wanted to start with 46 yards. Just to achieve the current record and I made it. I had troubles to kick from 48 yards and had to make a break. Which was really good, because I hit the 50 Yard field Goal blindfolded with the very First attempt. In my training in the weeks before I have made the 50 yards field goal blindfolded just once and it was amazing to achieve it on that day when it counted. Unfortunately camera man number one was not ready and the camera didn´t film the attempt. But after one practice kick after that, I Made it again and I was just in heaven and flew above the field. I was and I am still so HAPPY!"