Farthest forward flip trampoline slam dunk
Davide Rizzi, Kerim Daghistani
8.10 metre(s)
Italy ()

The farthest forward flip trampoline slam dunk is 8.10 m (26 ft 6.89 in), achieved by Kerim Daghistani (Hungary) in Budapest, Hungary, on 04 November 2017. This record was equaled by Davide Rizzi (Italy), on the set of 'La Notte dei Record', in Rome, Italy, on 18 November 2018.

Davide is part of 'Dunk Italy' crew, a basketball freestyle team who perform at international sporting events. He achieved the record on his second attempt.

Kerim is part of 'Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre', who attempted to break multiple Guinness World Records titles throughout the week of 'Guinness World Records Day' in 2017.