Most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion
Ryan Gray, Amanda Richardson, Eric Munninghoff, Michael Goslinga, Kelsey Rockey, Courtney Chapman, John Lippe, Paula Pratt, Leanne Brieby, Derek Klaus, Andrew Lang, Mark Nuss, Cale Wilson, Paul Ramlow, Adam Bormann, Adam Provost, Alex Callow, Alyssa Parsons, Andrew Shepard, Andy Logan, Angela Murphy, Angela Orr, Anne Hucker, Ashley Renfrew, Bruce Eddy, Calvin Girard, Christy Nitsche, Davin Gordon, Emily Darling, Erika Oshea, Greg Moore, Henry Hodes, Jackie Feeney, Jamie Thomas, Jeff Whelan, Jen Houston, Jennifer Dameron, Jessica Blubaugh, Jessica Crozier, John Coler, Judd Treeman, Julee Koncak, Julie Steenson, Kalli Bralsford, Karly Scholl, Katie Lord, Kelli Broers, Kelly Rosch, Kelsey Rockey, Kristina Aberle, Kyle Kennedy, LIbby Bane, Matt Staub, Meghan Still, Michael Bean, Michael Comer, Michael Wizniak, Mike Kenny, Monique Johnston, Morgan Franklin, Nancy Phelps, Nate Chastain, Shawn Cross, Solissa McKay, Suzie Carpenter, Paul Ramlow, Valerie Kramer, Zack Donnelly
3990 total number
United States (Kansas city)

The most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion is 3990 and was achieved by The Kansas City Centurions (USA) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on 24 January 2020.

The Centurion's passion for cereal boxes came out of their pride in the Kellogg's programs that did so much for hunger in local communities. The inspiration to make the attempt, however, came from the amazing work that the people of Harvesters Food Bank achieves.

'Their facility is amazing, and enormous, which really speaks to the size of the need in our community. We thought that something as huge as setting a GWR was appropriate for their work!'

The Kansas City Centurions had a small team working for a few days to prepare, then they had their entire group of 70 Centurions working for several hours setting up the cereal boxes on the day of the attempt. Ryan Gray from the Kansas City Centurions claims that the secret to success in this attempt was to 'Make a plan! check it, and check it again!'.