Most simultaneous blindfolded Go wins
World Blindfold Games Foundation, Bao Yun, GUANG DONG DONG HU QI YUAN
5 total number
China (Guangzhou)

The most simultaneous blindfolded go wins is 5 games and was achieved by Bao Yun (China), sponsored by Dong Hu Qi Yuan (China) at the Baiyun Hotel, Guangzhou, China on 19 December 2015.

The attempt started at 1:00pm and the last game was won at 11:54pm. All 5 games were won by resignation after the designated 180+ moves and all expert witnesses as well as the Chinese Go official confirmed there was no way for the opponent to have won. The players were from Singapore, Russia, France, Poland and Germany and were verified to be of an appropriate go level to play this challenger.