Longest duration hula hooping (one leg)
Leanna Fernandez
2:30:19 hour(s):minute(s):second(s) hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
United Kingdom (Lumphanan)

The longest duration hula hooping (one leg) is 2 hr 30 min 19 sec and was achieved by Leanna Fernandez (UK) in Lumphanan, Grampian, UK, on 10 November 2021.

Leanna's Guinness World Records attempt happened through a combination of a lazy weekend and a lifelong dream! "It happened back in September 2021. I graduated from Zoology during lockdown, which meant purely job-searching after, proving difficult as a result of the pandemic (I’ve since been accepted onto a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking). On one of these such Sundays, when I’d run out of jobs to apply to and I was wondering how to spend my free time, I realised this was the perfect opportunity to complete what I’d always wanted to do…break a Guinness World Records title!! And so that’s how it all started."

Leanna has always been confident in her ability to hula hoop. "Each time I practiced, I essentially replicated the environment planned for the real attempt itself. I’d start my music playlist (with different song combinations to see what ones worked best in finding my rhythm), start a stopwatch facing opposite me and then start hula-hooping on one leg till I lost my balance. As I became more confident which each practice run, I also aimed for higher and higher target times, till finally being content in my ability to comfortably surpass the current record (1hr 5mins). "

"Some days were more difficult than the attempt itself! It involved a lot of wobbling and nearly face-planting. It was especially frustrating to often get so close to my target time and then miss it. Trying to avoid objects to bump into whilst practicing at home was difficult, especially since my dog (who was kept in a different room on the actual day) likes to say hello by running up and jumping on me! I also struggled deciding the best set-up: music; clothing; and hula hoop were all factors that took quite a bit of tweaking to get right. I realised direct skin contact made hula-hooping easier, so after struggling for weeks with vests and leggings, shorts and crop tops proved much easier. I’d been told weighted hula-hoops are easier to hoop with too, but after a couple of sessions with it, I found the added weight quite badly hurt my abdominal muscles and took extra effort to keep up, and so I returned to my old hollow one."

"This has been a lifelong dream of mine, (even asking for the Guinness World Records book as my Christmas present for 3 years in a row when I was 7 onwards!). To finally have done it will bring a sense of accomplishment like no other."