Largest prestressed concrete dome
Belgrade Fair Hall 1
106 metre(s)
Serbia (Belgrade)

Hall 1 at the Belgrade Fair in Belgrade, Serbia, is the largest prestressed concrete dome in the world. The structure was designed in 1955-57 at the IMS Institute by structural engineer Branko Žeželj, based on architectural design by Milorad Pantović. It reaches 106 m in diameter, with a dome of precast reinforced concrete ribs over a 94-metre hollow core prestressed ring. The hall boasts a maximum ceiling height of 30.78 metres, and covers 21,280 square metres, including a 5,640-square metre ground floor arena, three galleried and glazed exhibition spaces, plus basement office spaces.

Prestressed concrete in general is used to to balance out the tensions resulting from a bending load, facilitating larger concrete beams and spans, and here a much wider dome.