Largest wooden dome house
Green Dome
21.33 metre(s)
United States (Baiting Hollow)

Kevin Shea’s giant 21.33-m-diameter (70-ft) and 13.41-m-high (44-ft) timber-framed geodesic house, "Green Dome" located in Long Island, USA, is the world’s largest wooden dome residence. Built in 2001–05, it sports 16 hexagonal solar gain windows, plus a 10K solar-power system, 1.9K wind power generator and geo-thermal cooling. A 100-square-metre (1,076-sq-ft) green roof uses bags of porous shale and compost to grow sedum flowers. Similarly environmentally friendly are the Green Dome’s LEED certification, waterless urinal, furniture covered with recycled denim, and recycled tyres used for the exterior tiered landscaping.

Owner Kevin has described the theme-based interior as "simple and multi-functional, reused and authentic, plain and exotic" and hence feeling like "either a hippy's moon base station, Spiderman’s secret lair, or the inside of a UFO decorated by a time-travelling alien experiencing chrono-confusion".

In 2015, Kevin was offering the Green Dome for sale for US$1 million.