Most expensive set of car tyres
Who, Zenises Group
600,000 US dollar(s)
United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

On 10 May 2016, the Dubai office of, part of the Zenises Group, sold a set of four tyres designed by CEO Harjeev Kandhari for AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 2,202,000 ($599,350; £415,647). Starting with an original set of four Z1 high performance tyres, ZTyre sent them first to Italy, where jewellers Joaillier Privé fitted sets of diamonds onto the tyres using 3D-printed white gold casing they also provided. The tyres were then sent to Abu Dhabi, where they were covered in gold leaf by craftsmen who are also contributing to the building of the new royal palace. Once completed the Z1 tyres went back to Dubai and were sold to a private buyer.

The profits from the sale of the tyres were donated to the Zenises Foundation, which focuses on improving access to education across the world.