Highest bite force in a big cat (relative to body size)
jaguar Panthera onca
705.79 kilogram(s)
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In proportion to body size, the bite force for the jaguar Panthera onca is higher (stronger) than that of any other species of big cat, even the lion and tiger (although in absolute terms their bite forces are higher/stronger). A 100-kg jaguar can bite with a force of 503.57 kg at the canine teeth, and 705.79 kg at the carnassial notch on its fourth upper premolar and first lower molar teeth (known collectively as its sectorial teeth). This powerful bite enables the jaguar to split the hard carapace of freshwater turtles, which form part of its prey.

Carnassial teeth in big cats and other mammalian carnivores are paired upper and lower teeth whose cutting edges are shaped in a manner that yields self-sharpening edges that pass alongside one another in a shearing manner when the animal is biting its prey.