Longest single game of Football Manager
Sepp Hedel
333:000 year(s):day(s)
Germany (Giebelstadt)

The longest single game of Football Manager is 333 years, and was achieved by Sepp Hedel (Germany) on Football Manager 2017 (Sports Interactive, 2016), as confirmed on 25 September 2019.

Sepp started his career with FC United of Manchester (UK) where he was manager for 50 seasons, before joining Bengaluru Football Club (India) who he coached for 200 years! He then resigned to join Hereford FC (UK) who he has managed for 83 seasons to date - winning 45 league titles in the process! His overall record is – Played 15,678, Won 11,217, Drew 1,997, Lost 2,464. Scored 42,672 goals, conceded 15,563 with a goal difference of +27,109 and a win ratio of 71%. Won 729 cups, 258 leagues, 10 promotions and 1,028 individual awards (Manager of the Month, Manager of the Season etc). Signed 684 players for a combined total fee of £9.41B and sold 491 with a combined total fee of £8.65B.

In real life terms, Sepp has played the game for 81 days and 20 hours, so invested a total of 1,940 hours in managing his teams.