First Transformers toys
"The Transformers"/"Generation 1"
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Having seen in their 30th anniversary in 2014, the earliest official Transformers toys to appear on the market was a series of 28 figures released by Hasbro in 1984, originally called simply "The Transformers" but retroactively called "Generation 1". The series was based on two Japanese robot toylines, produced by Takara and licensed by Hasbro, and comprised 18 Autobots and 10 Decepticons. In 2010, global toy retailer Toys R Us revealed that the Transformers had been one of their best-selling product lines of all time. The toys have inspired numerous comic-book series, movies (animated and live-action), animated TV series, videogames and books. The 1984 "Generation 1" series consisted of:

Autobots: Bluestreak (car), Brawn (minicar), Bumblebee (minicar), Cliffjumper (minicar), Gears (minicar), Hound (car), Huffer (minicar), Ironhide (car), Jazz (car), Mirage (car), Optimus Prime (tractor trailer track), Prowl (car), Ratchet (car), Sidesweep (car), Sunstreaker (car), Trailbreaker (car), Wheeljack (car) and Windcharger (minicar).

Decepticons: Buzzsaw (microcassette), Frenzy (microcassette), Lazerbeak (microcassette), Megatron (gun), Ravage (microcassette), Rumble (microcassette) and Soundwave (microcassette recorder).