Longest line of photographs

Longest line of photographs
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Accenture Solutions Private Limited, Advanced Technology Centers In India, Ananth Vedagarbham, Niranjan B Srinivasan
25,927 total number
India (Bengaluru)
21 February 2019

The longest line of photographs consists of 25,927, and was achieved by Accenture Solutions Private Limited India, Advanced Technology Centers in India, Ananth Vedagarbham (all India) and Niranjan B Srinivasan (USA) in Bengaluru, India ,on 21 February 2019.

The photographs were displayed in the Accenture office in Bengaluru and photos were mainly of Accenture’s people performing as part of their internal myPassion program across India. The finished line measured 3,786.56 m (12,423 ft 0.87 in).