Largest plotted image
Sikkens – Akzo Nobel , Nussli , Dotdotdot, Decsia, INRES, Coop, Carlo Ratti Associati
878,7466 m² (9458,7497 ft²) square metre(s)
Italy (Milan)

The largest plotted image has a total surface area of 878.7466 m² (9,458.7497 ft²) and was achieved by Carlo Ratti Associati, Coop, INRES, Decsia, Dotdotdot, (all Italy), Nussli (Switzerland) and Sikkens – Akzo Nobel (Netherlands), at the Milan Expo in Milan, Italy, on 5 October 2015.

A Vertical plotter, placed on the external facade of the Future Food District drew the record breaking image. The Future Food District (FFD) is a 7000 sq. m. thematic pavilion that explores how digital technology can change the way we interact with the food that we eat, informing us about its origins and characteristics and promoting awareness on consumption habits. The pavilion was designed by Carlo Ratti Associati together with the supermarket chain COOP Italia and it was unveiled at the opening of Expo Milano 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. At Expo, the FFD Vertical Plotter draws visitor’s portraits on the pavilion facade using spray paint in five different colours. Firstly, photographs of the visitors’ faces are digitally converted into a stylised sketch, then, as modern pictographs, the pictures are painted on the pavilion façades. The portraits are continuously changing thanks to the overlapping of the visitor’s contour lines.