Fastest time to travel the Indian Golden Quadrilateral on foot (female)
110 Day 23 Hours 24 Minutes day(s):hour(s):minute(s)
India (Delhi)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The fastest time to travel the Indian Golden Quadrilateral on foot (female) is 110 days 23 hr 24 min and was achieved by Sufiya (India) in Delhi, Delhi, India, from 16 December 2020 to 06 April 2021.

Sufiya was determined through the entirety of her grueling attempt. "No, I did not think of giving up in the entire attempt. Though there were very many injuries that happened during the run my full focus was on completing this attempt in minimum time. I was listening to Bollywood, English, and Sufi Music to overcome mental tiredness during the run. Other than this in all the major cities en route people were joining me for a few miles so talking to them, sharing my experience, and hearing their life stories was also helpful to get through the days.

Sufiya had support during the attempt in the form of her husband. "Only my husband was there with me in the entire journey to support me. He was taking care of everything like driving the support car, taking photos and video shots, taking care of my hydration and food, my physiotherapy, and managing the schedule. But almost all the cities where I was running through, runners and cyclists were joining and supporting us.Most of the time in cities and small-town people were hosting me at their home for a night stay and dinner. Many times during the attempt we took hotels and couple of nights we had to sleep on roadside shelters. There was a night when I had to sleep under a roadside shelter and I had no food for dinner because that area was very remote."

Sufiya was eating the local food in every state. "It was me and my husband only in the team so I was dependent on local restaurants. Though I was using a Protein supplement to complete my protein requirement. Most of the time people host me at their home after a run. Sometimes local runners and cyclists were bringing food for us."

Indian weather, climate, and traffic conditions are very challenging for a roadrunner. "My past experience helped me a lot to cope with such challenges. In 2019 I ran from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, almost 4000 Km in just 87 days and faced the same conditions. People were coming along to run for a few km and sharing the experiences and encouraging me. Every state has a different culture, food, and landscapes which were very helpful to divert my mind from body tiredness and stress. Though every city was beautiful with its own uniqueness my favorite is Vishakhapatnam. Beautiful beaches, clean and peaceful surroundings, and coastal roads are perfect for the long run. There is a lot more to explore about this beautiful city."

"Ultra-distance running is my passion and I have left my aviation job for it so I always have time for such a journey. I train myself for long runs. This was my third expedition of long-distance running in-country. I already have a Guinness world record for Fastest running from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (female). I was very fond of travel. But after coming into ultra-running now I want to travel every place on earth but on foot. It helps me to explore small places and interact with more and more people.

Sufiya has big plans for the future. "In 2023 I will be doing across UAE and Across Qatar and in 2024 I will start my longest journey of Fastest circumnavigation on foot (around the world on foot)."

"People dream to see their name in the Guinness World Records book. It’s a recognition of one’s efforts and encourages more and more people to do something different and extraordinary in life. It helps people to find their real talent. I am and will be very proud to be a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holder."