Fastest ascent of Manaslu without supplementary oxygen
François Cazzanelli
13:00:00 hour(s):minute(s):second(s)
Nepal ()
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The fastest ascent of Manaslu - at 8,163 m (26,781 ft), the eighth highest mountain in the world - is exactly 13 hours by François Cazzanelli (Italy), who made the climb on 25-26 September 2019 without the use of bottled oxygen. He started his journey at 9 p.m. on the 25th and reached the top at 10 a.m. the next morning.

Cazzanelli bettered the record set on 25 September 2014 by Andrzej Bargiel (Poland), who took 14 hr 5 min to reach the summit.